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Common Core PE has created common core supplemental lessons that when combined together with the Advantage Press Physical Education packets create a complete PE program that will incorporate reading and writing into your curriculum while aligning your PE program to current common core standards.  These packets can be used in a classroom setting or given  as homework.

Advantage Press PE Packets

Advantage Press' Sports, and Activities packets contains thirty-three complete lessons that consists of over 400 pages of materials.  Including these packets in your program will promote reading,  justify grades, and help assess all students learning.                                                                                       

Common core PE Supplemental Lessons

Common Core PE has created a lesson specially designed for each of Advantage Press' sports packets.  Each of these lesson will promote reading, writing, meet current common core standards, and prepare students for the common core assessments.  

Common Core PE has created a second lesson to each Advantage Press sport packet.  These lessons also meet common core standards, include reading and writing in physical education, but now include an  ELD component for each Advantage Press packet.  These ELD lessons include: unit vocabulary; an opportunity for student to verbalizing their thoughts, perspectives, and opinions in group discussions; oral reports and demonstrations; self-assessments; and a written component.


Go to the store page to purchase over 60  common core and ELD lessons that meet current common core standards in physical education.  Price is $25 per teacher or $50 per school site.

Next click on the link to go to the  Advantage Press website to order the Complete Physical Education Sports and Activities Packets.  Current Price for Advantage Press Packets = $175

Thirty-Three Sports! 

Supplemental CLose Reading Lessons

      "I want to incorporate close reading and common core into my lessons, but I'm not sure where to begin."  No doubt, most teachers feel exactly the same way you do, but  Common Core PE offers you close reading curriculum that will help prepare your students for the Smarter Balanced Assessments and will teach your students how to read with understanding.  Common Core PE has created 35 supplemental close reading lessons that meet common core standards. 

Go to the store page to purchase over 35 Close Reading   lessons that meet current common core standards in physical education.  Price is $25 per teacher or $50 per school site.